Data Analyzers : The Simplest Ways To Make The Best

So, assuming that you don’t crush your drive, the next step in the process, once you leave the clean room is to come downstairs, so each work station is going to have a whole series of PCs as well as drive bays, so for example, if I wanna just drop a drive in here, ah, I knew that. I know how to hard drive. So, at this point, they’ve gotten all the Data Analyzers that they can off, and it’s been cloned into a drive, so normally, you might think, oh yes, I just want everything but if you think about it.

So when you first contact Drive Savers, they’re gonna ask, hey, what’s on this drive, do you care about photos, documents, pictures, whatever the case is. Photos and pictures are the same thing. I’m gonna keep going, so essentially, they’ll start looking through and say oh look, we found all of your wedding photos or whatever the case is, make sure that can be prioritized, so that you get the stuff that you actually want, all right, so this is what I’ve been waiting all day for.

Now, of course it’s great to be able to recover stuff off of hard drives, but one of the main thing that Drive Savers also does is Data Analyzers off of smart phones, so this is my victim, a Samsung Galaxy S, all right, all right, all right, so let’s see here. – This is a little battery connect here. – Just with my finger nail, okay, so get the battery, so I don’t electrocute myself, okay, all right, so, this is getting to be a little bit more manageable, so we’ve got our , so this is our right here, right?

Data Analyzers

So, I do see the individual pads here, so it doesn’t look like it’s like, I can kinda see it, so hopefully, it’s not gonna be too hard to get out. So, there’s like a silicon layer in between. So, I have, wow, I just realized how many people have gathered around to watch this disaster (laughs), as everyone starts scattering (laughs). Okay, so at this point, I’ve got the phone disconnected or disassembled and all ready to go.

Go through, oh, there we go, okay. – Still, we’re not gonna put it back in the phone. We actually have a special reader for it, but we’re gonna take off all the silicon that’s on there, clean that off, re-ball it, so that it fits the in the weave perfectly. – Okay, so as it should be a surprise to no one, I am a failure, so that’s why you send your phone to Drive Savers, not Austin savers, so the thing was, I got it like, what, maybe % ready, something like that? – Yeah.

That was a tentative yeah. – No, yeah, yeah! fixed, however, % will not get your phone up and running. I have brought you the hopefully fixed re-balled flash. – Nice, and this is from an S, am I correct? – A Galaxy S, yes. I’m legitimately nervous if I ruined this chip or not. I think I did, but we’ll see, oh, hey! – All right, so you notice, right off the bat, we’ve got some good signs here. This partition here is going to be our user data partition, coming in at about  gigabytes of Data Recovery Service. – The good thing is at this point, once everything’s dumped, sort of the danger zone is over.

Yeah, it wouldn’t matter, we could step on it by accident, we’ve got a copy of it. – So for right now, I think it’s safe to say that this has been a successful recovery of a phone that I did not break, even though I came really close. So that is our totally better than Linus’ tour of the Drive Savers’ facility, of course, huge shout out to Drive Savers for sponsoring this video, and if you guys ever have any problems with your data, you definitely know who to contact, just make sure that you don’t ask for Austin.