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Files stored on the hard drive can be deleted through negligence, as a result of software errors, or suffer from malware. In some cases, the components of the Data Recovery Services hard drive themselves fail, but if the problems are not so serious and the computer is still functioning, you can recover information from the hard drive yourself. When using suitable programs, this will not aggravate the problem, and if nothing works, you can turn to specialists.


Hard drive failures can be divided into logical and physical.

  • In case of logical failures, the disk itself is healthy and functional, but the data is partially or completely inaccessible. This is due to errors in the structure of the file system or partition table that occur due to incorrect operation of programs, malware, improper shutdown of the computer, and other factors.
  • Physical failures are associated with damage and failure of any component of the hard drive. They are caused by shock and other physical damage, as well as power failures of the device. With physical malfunctions, the computer most likely will not be able to work.


If hardware problems have led to a malfunction, there is little that can be done at home. Restoring a hard drive requires special equipment and parts that only specialists can have.

With logical failures, the files themselves remain on the disk, but the computer loses information about how to find them. In order to regain access to such files, special programs are used.

Data Recovery Services


Such programs scan the disk and examine all the data that has been written to the media. Then, based on the received service information, the program generates a new map, which can be used to find fragments of the lost data. It shows which files correspond to specific disk partitions, analyzes their size, determines names and other parameters. After that, the necessary files can be returned to the hard drive. In order not to damage the information, no data is written to the disk during the scan.

The recovery programs themselves are recommended to be installed and run from a different disk or partition, and not from where the lost data was. This also applies to data recovery from an external hard drive. In general, the fewer disk operations that have occurred since the Linkedin data loss, the greater the chance of recovering information.

Different utilities may work with different efficiency in each specific case, so it is recommended to try to install several programs. Often more effective paid professional programs have trial versions with a limitation on the amount of information to be recovered. In this case, you should choose the one that showed the best results in scanning and purchase a license.